NOTW + LA Splash Nail Art Glitter Review

I've always liked doing nail art on my nails. I like that added flair & it's very rare you'll see me without some type of design on. I saw LA Splash Nail Art Glitter at Ulta last week & I just had to pick one up. I'm a huge fan of glitter! What I thought was interesting with this glitter was that you can just dip your nail directly into the jar. Very simple, right?

Last night I decided I wanted to dip just the tip of my nails in the glitter for a glittery french manicure look. Let me just say, it was VERY messy doing it that way! There was glitter all over my hands & you waste a lot of glitter by doing it that way. The next time I'll just use a nail or craft brush & tap the glitter on my tips over the jar to avoid the glittery messy. Overall, I did really like how the glitter looked on my nails. It took about 3 top coats to smooth out that gritty glitter feel on my nails. Will I repurchase? Yes! For less than $4 for a 3 gram jar of glitter (may not seem like a lot, but it is) to make your nails look like you've got them done at a's a steal!

Please note: These glitters are NOT cosmetic grade & not to be worn on your eyes.