Review: NYX Ultra Pearl Mania Loose Eyeshadows

I've been wanting to try NYX Loose Eyeshadows for the longest time & my Ulta just started carrying them finally! I decided to pick up 6 of them to try out (2 aren't pictured). The colors I got are: Turquoise Pearl, Orange Zest Pearl, Space Pearl, Purple Pearl, Rust Pearl, & Mink Pearl. These pigments are very pigmented & go on soft. I really like the variety of colors they offer. The pigments are shimmery so, if you don't like shimmer..these pigments aren't for you. I used Purple Pearl the other day with LA Splash Eyeshadow Base as a primer & NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Purple Velvet as a color base to intensify & deepen the Purple Pearl pigment. It lasted all day & the color didn't fade which is a huge plus. Today, I used Orange Zest which will be in my next FOTD. I'll be getting more pigments in the near future! The pigments retail for $2.99 & you get .06 fl oz which is plenty because a little goes a long way. Be on the look out for these NYX's Loose Eyeshadows & other new NYX items such as the Powder Blushes, Cream Blushes, Mosaic Blushes, Matte Lip Cream, Mood Gloss, Bronzer, new Eyeshadow Palettes/Trios/Singles/Lashes/Round Lipsticks, Glitter Pigments, Lip Palettes, Diamond Sparkle Lipstick, & more at your local Ulta.