Brushes 101 - How I Clean My Makeup Brushes

I always get asked how I clean my brushes so, I decided I should do a post on how I like to clean them.

  • There's a bunch of brush shampoos out on the market (I have an ELF Brush Shampoo that's in the picture above), but I really like to use the shampoo that's used for your hair. If it's good enough to use in your hair, why not use it on your brushes? I normally like to buy inexpensive shampoos to wash my brushes, not the shampoo that I personally use on my own hair. I find that hair shampoo cleans my brushes really well.
  • After washing them, I like to use a hair conditioner on them. I leave the conditioner in for about 2-5mins & then rinse. The conditioner really makes the brushes soft (& makes them smell good too).
  • Lastly, I lay out my brushes on a towel & let it dry overnight.

I've been shampooing + conditioning my brushes the same way for years. I've found that it helps prolong the life of the brushes (even the $1 ones).