CoverGirl Event at the Taylor Swift Concert in Cleveland 7/30/11

I had the amazing opportunity to be one of the make-up artists for CoverGirl at Taylor Swifts Speak Now Tour Concert in Cleveland. I was one of 1 of 4 make-up artists that had to mini makeovers on the people that were attending the show. In total, we must have done over 200+ faces (I did like 70)! It was a great time & I had lots of fun with the other make-up artists. I didn't have enough time to take that many pictures, but at least I got to take some! 

My makeup station. Each make-up artist had their own makeup station which was great!

Closer look of the makeup. Each person got a free CoverGirl Nature Gloss Balm & a $1 off coupon after their makeover.

The other make-up artists preparing their stations.

Taking a picture of myself in the mirror just before we started doing makeovers.

Action shot with one of the make-up artists, Michelle. Thanks Christina for taking the picture!

Another action shot courtesy of Christina

At the end, we were allowed to take any makeup items that we wanted! I didn't need anymore eyeshadows or blushes, I was all about the Natureluxe Gloss Balms (got over 20) & the Lip Perfection lipsticks (I picked up 3)!