ARTISTRY Cosmetics & Lash Haul

It's been over a year since I posted a haul! I really miss posting hauls & reviews on here. I'm going to try to post more often about my hauls & some reviews of my favorite products.

Last week, I placed an order for some ARTISTRY Cosmetics. I shouldn't say 'some' because I placed 3 other orders after that to give revamp my makeup kit & to purchase some items for a raffle I'm doing at a holiday party I'm doing makeup at on the 16th. 

Here's some of the things I got:

I've already tried out the Light Up Lipglosses & Magnetic polish in one of the gift sets. I'll do a review on them within the next few weeks!

I also bought a few pairs of lashes for my kit & for myself. I love the fact these lashes were only $1.99 at my local beauty supply stores. Not only that, the lashes are real human hair. Before paying $4 for lashes, check out your non-chained local beauty supply stores in your area. Most have a wide variety & none of the lashes cost over $2.99.